Thursday, 29 November 2012

Undercut Revival.

So I've had a few lovely ladies taking a big step this last few weeks and going for the "undercut' . I LOVE this . I love people having the confidence to make a big change with their hair. We all know how precious and personal our hair is and how much is says about us. So I welcomed the opportunity to do it although I did not take the decision lightly.. obviously you can't go back on it.

I think everyone gets to a point in their lives where they discover the best style for their hair which is especially a good feeling when you may have struggled with your hair most of your life, and once you find that perfect style it is really good to stick with it.

But I think every now and then Change is good. If your ever feeling bored and like you've had the exact same style for ages ( or you just discover a photo from 10 years ago ) then maybe it is time to think about something new.

It really is very liberating.

I'm not suggesting we all have undercuts (although i hope I will do it again) but if you have been thinking about something new for a while but haven't had the confidence to do it ..... DO IT.

Or at least come see me for a cup of tea :-) and talk about it.


Some pictures for you, some of my lovely ladies and some other undercuts i love.

The first set of pictures is Alice Dellal. Model, DJ and style icon. Hers is probably my favourite undercut at the moment.

This last image is my favorite. The colour and texture of her hair keeps it looking soft. I love the slightly longer area on her hairline - beautiful.

The next set of pictures are short style undercuts.

The next set of photos are of my lovely ladies who have taken the plunge and done it!

                                                                    Camilla Martin.

Jayne Taylor.

                                The next set of photos is a photoshoot that I did a few years ago..

                                                  Thanks for reading ... ill be back soon x

Thursday, 8 November 2012

About me.

About me.

So this is my first post! I am new to blogging and not a natural writer and not very computer friendly! but ignoring all that i decided to start this blog so i can talk and show about what i do and things i love. So please stay with me whilst i get to grips with it all and hopefully in a few months..years ill get it right! I do hope that you will enjoy the posts i do along the way, i am already excited about many ideas i have stored up.

A little bit about me...

A hair stylist. a mother of two girls. a dreamer and a lover of old and pretty things.

I spent the first 15 years of my career working for Toni&Guy, I managed the flagship store in Manchester for 6 years until i decided to leave to continue cutting/styling at home so I could look after my lovely girls at home.

I started Kojo&Lee in February 2011. The original idea was start an online boutique for vintage clothes, I picked out vintages pieces and put together outfits to sell. I loved it. The camera work , the make-up, hair and everything was done by myself. This was a challenge as I have very high expectations and I hadn't done it before on my own but i loved every step of it!

In the meantime my hairdressing side became very busy and so i decided to put the online boutique for vintage on hold so I could concentrate on cutting hair. In April 2012 I started working from the upstairs room of the 'Great Gatsby' bar on division st. Sheffield in the daytime and I continue to work from home in the evenings.
I was keen to create a relaxed haircut experience (not like a normal salon) I kept it simple with a chair a mirror and my 1950's cabinet and my Dansette record player. Its just me so its just perfect. 

                     So for now 'Kojo&Lee' is me and my hair dressing where ever I may be.

                                                     My logo designed by Daniel Potter.
       My favorite shoot that I've done to date with my dear friend Anna Potter of Swallows&Damsons.

                                     Photoshoots for my online boutique for vintage outfits.
                                  One of my first ever photo shoots from the Toni&Guy years.

Thanks for taking the time to read this , please feel free to find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for lots more lovely pictures but for now with love ... bye xo